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Episode 37. The Finale. Druids are Crunchy.

Often, when you’re being told a story by a storyteller (or perhaps retold the account of one) that was actually there, you’re aware that the storyteller survives. I mean… They must survive right? Because you’re hearing the story. Tak the Bard had taken great pains throughout his adventures to ensure that each section of his […]

Episode 36. Druids, Druids, and… trees.

The closer I get to the conclusion of this story, the more breaks I have to take! Honestly, the memory of the fight alone is enough to tire me out! Lets see… Druid inna Cage. Check. Chompy the Crocodile… Snap! I mean… Check. Chompy was sitting there glaring at me. No tears on this monster. […]

Episode 34 A smattering of Disco.

Arriving back in the city, we were met by Sergeant Scoff. Apparently Rodrin would like to speak to us again. Honestly, we get no rest. We strolled through the streets towards the Bosshut, picking up quite a following as we did. Initially I thought they wanted a song, but quickly it became evident that Sil’Vari’s […]

Episode 33 – Finger Guns and Gravity.

So we surveyed the potential battlefield from above. Bunny II and Rarity struggled under their dual burdens, and after seeing the sheer number of mudmen crawling around, it became obvious we’d need a little help. We took a quick vote and decided to go back and collect Drax and Izkin. Back at the tower, we […]

Chapter 32 – A suit for an Orc.

Eiuw. Just Eiuw. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, but Wow. Disgusting. We rested for the night in the tower. Halfway through my watch I could hear voices from the floor above. I popped up to check, and found Thistle and Dovin talking. Dovin looked sad, and I only caught the end of the conversation, […]

Tak – It was on the books.

So finding two gnomes in a city of refugees. Simple eh? Slightly easier when you consider that gnomes aren’t a massive section of the population of Roccor. The town of Gnome-home isn’t far from Roccor, so most choose to stay there. If you’re an evil servant of Corsinnar gnome, it’s unlikely you’d have left the […]

Tak – Homeward Bound.

It was obvious that we were going to have to return to the camp of Goliaths, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Onenu Firehart had put the blame for an entire tribes death onto the Rock Tanners. The Stone Breakers hadn’t questioned her, hadn’t seen any red flags in her […]

Tak – Going with the Flow

I’ve had my sandwich! I hope you’re sitting comfortably! So Izkin was standing next to an earth elemental, and a fire one was drawing in on him. He was left with a choice between blowing things up, and running away. He thought about it for a second or two, and did something I’d not seen […]

Tak – Forging ahead.

So before I fell asleep that night, I gave the pipes a quick check to see what they could do. Turns out they summon and control swarms of rats, so I dropped them in my bag for later. We finished our nights rest, and woke semi-refreshed in the morning. The new addition to the party […]