Of games, bookshops, and my lack of culture.

Two-ish years ago, Cal introduced me to our local independent bookshop. They ran regular events and she thought I should get out more, (I reckon she just wanted peace and quiet at home).
I looked at the various events they ran, Book groups don’t appeal to me (I guess answering ‘I liked it because it was funny’ isn’t sufficient analysis for some). I don’t knit (I wouldn’t have the patience) Comedy night sounded fun, but the thought of fifty people crammed into a small bookshop made me jittery. Board games though, That appealed.Munchcard1
For some years I’d been playing small games of munchkin with

friends, but the circle of people who would come round to play had shrunk, and family were a bit bored of it now.
I turned up, not sure what to expect, and was quickly drawn into a

game of Carcassonne. (I can’t believe that was in my tablet

dictionary…) I lost atrociously, and introduced them to munchkin. It didn’t go down well, though in hindsight I don’t think we knew each other week enough to staff each other in the back as the game requires.
We’ve been having together now for a bout two years, and though we only meet once a month, I’m really quite happy that I have this new circle of friends. That said though, I often feel incredibly uncultured around them! They’re all fans of art, music and theatre… And me, I’m just a gamer who likes to pewpew

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