Sports Sports Sports?

Every few years, I get into a similar conversation with a colleague. Huge Sporting Event X will be taking place, and she’ll act surprised that I don’t really give a monkey’s wassname.

The conversation will always start out with “I really don’t understand why you’re not watching England getting beaten at sportX. Don’t you have any national spirit?

Thing is, I love living in this country. I can’t exactly explain why, but I do. I guess its because its where I keep all my stuff.

I like holidaying here, I’m too fussy an eater to go abroad, and I struggle when I can’t understand the language of where I am. That, I believe, is my issue though, so I don’t hold it against the other place, I don’t expect anyone to speak english, I’d just rather restrict myself to places where its the first language. I like the climate, and I like the fact that I don’t need to worry about crossing borders and needing a passport (I dont have one.)

But, because I like living here isn’t enough for me to want to watch a sport that I don’t really enjoy watching.

I could watch England play tabletop games.

I could watch England lose the flag repeatedly in a game of Battlefield X (where X = whichever version of battlefield is fun)

I could even watch England raid Siege of Orgrimmar, and get beaten by the second boss (World of Warcraft for those not in the know)

These are all things I enjoy doing myself. I have an interest in watching folks do the things I enjoy.


I don’t enjoy playing football. Not because I’m not good at it, I’ve never really given it much of a chance, I think that its more that it was played at school by people I didn’t really get on with. They played football, I played rugby, we didn’t really interact. Watching football though, thats even worse. Heres playings getting paid millions to show up once a week for a few months out of the year, kick a ball around, promote stupid behaviour off the pitch, and throw themselves to the ground in the hope of an oscar if things aren’t going their way.

I don’t enjoy watching athletics. I used to enjoy running, but I struggle to find it thrilling… Now, if people were shot-putting, running, jumping, and throwing the javelin on the same field at the same time… That could be more interesting.

“USA was in the lead on the last bend, but unexpectedly took a shotput to the knee from China…” That’d be amusing.

I enjoy the occasional game of rugby, but its not something I go out of my way to watch. Its superior to Football to me, because its one of the few sports where the teams spend most of the game beating the crap out of each other (un-armoured… take that American Hand-Egg) then afterwards buy each other a beer, and admire each others injuries.

Anyway, my point, though somewhat rambly, is that over-glamourised sport doesn’t do it for me. I wish they’d stop shoving it down my throat.

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