Zombie apocalypses at 6am

Every other morning, I rise from my grave at 6am, pull on my sports gear, and head out to the gym. In the spirit of exercise, I drive, because if I had to walk anywhere at 6am, it wouldn’t happen.

I open my front door, step outside onto the empty main road, and walk a few steps to my car. I drive for 5 minutes to a road close to the gym, and park up. I rarely see another person during this drive, except perhaps for zombies at the bus stop.

Once I’ve parked my car, I walk across a silent main road, towards the entrance to the gym. Its a 24 hour Gym, so to enter I need my passcode, which my rotting fingers type in clumsily. normally takes three attempts to get the 8 digit code right.

I step in through the door, then have to re-enter (3 times) my code into an airlock style door, which gives me access to the gym itself.

As I step from the wasteland, I look around. The Gym, as usual, is packed.

Bloody hell people, what does it take to get a quiet gym?

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