Remember when Free time meant you had awesome plans?

As a child/teen, if I knew I had time off approaching, I’d plan to spend it with one of the few friends I had. We’d work out which house we’d be at, or which park we’d go to, and what we would do at that destination. As a rule, it leaned more towards being at my friends place, because his dad was a school caretaker. That meant full run of the school, including all the PE equipment and IT equipment. (This was ‘back in the day’ before most schools got desktop PC’s. This was 480z’s and Nimbus computers. Don’t google that, its painful).

We’d break out the archery stuff, or set up the gym stuff for our own assault courses. It was huge amounts of fun, and improved a lot more once he got an air rifle. God, if we had nerf guns back then…

Anyway… side tracked, sorry.

For her birthday, or possibly mothers day, I forget. We bought Cal tickets to Sonisphere, including a camping pass. She’s never camped before and we’ve spent the last few days making sure she had all the gear she needed for it. I booked the time off, so that if she didn’t enjoy it, she could call, and I’d come get her. That means that I have Thursday through to Monday off, and I have bugger all idea of what I want to do.

Theres a part of me thats lazy, and expects to sit around playing Computer games all weekend. But also theres a part of me that thinks the gym might be quiet during the day, and that could be the perfect time to go!

But, its hardly playing with bows and arrows and making assault courses.

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