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One of the downsides to having kids and animals (and an umimpressive salary) is that we don’t get to holiday much. We’ve lived together for 10 years now, and in that time we’ve had a few trips to butlins, some weekends visiting relatives, and a weekend trip to Alton Towers.

More recently though, we’ve discovered that if we Holiday individually, it can be done. One of us can watch the kids, and the other gets to go do ‘stuff’ Two years ago we managed to get Cal on a plane to South Korea for a month,  and last year we got her a week in Birmingham at a quality hotel around her eldest’s Birthday. That one might not seem like a trip to Disneyland, but sometimes a break is enough.

I’ve had a couple of weekends at my parents/sister’s, but some of those include taking the kids, (they love going to the beach, and some of the large open areas in Dorset), but I always feel incredibly guilty leaving people behind, or going and enjoying myself without the rest of the family.

Cal’s just back from Sonisphere, she had a weekend booked camping, and she fell in with some amusing folk whilst there. She came back refreshed, and stress free, and recommended I do something similar. Personally I don’t think I can do large crowds or musical festivals, but the idea of a weekend away camping does appeal.

Its weird though that I can’t do large crowds. I’ve thought about it a few times. I think (and this shows a fair bit of insecurity) that I worry too much about how I’m perceived. In my head, Its a bit like a magician using some form of illusion. To maintain the illusion to one or two people is relatively simple. They can’t see that the card is actually in your other hand, tucked up behind your back, but increase the crowd, and suddenly you’ll hear shouts of “its up his sleeve!”

I guess I’m worried that with too many people, they’ll see what I have up my sleeve.

*Spoiler alert* Its my arms.

Its silly really, I don’t consider myself a false person, I’m certainly not hiding any secrets. What you see is what you get with me, and thats an Overweight lazy nerd.

I’ve spent years doing whatever work I’m doing at the time, putting in enough effort to get the job done, and trying to ensure that I keep whatever job I’m doing. But, I’ve always felt that someones going to turn around and say “Hang on a second… He’s making it up as he goes along!”

*Another spoiler alert* I generally am.

But to date, every job I’ve left, they’ve asked me to stay. Every job I’ve left I’ve left feeling like I was barely scraping by, but have been told that it will be incredibly difficult to replace me.

The little devil on my shoulder says “well, they would say that… Thats what they say to people who are leaving, then they snigger and hire a monkey to replace them.”

That little Devil is an asshole.

Bloody hell, look at that Tangent… Holiday -> Scary crowds -> Magicians -> Crap at jobs.

I’m a Tangent God!

Anyway, back to getting away. I’m thinking of going camping. By myself, or possibly with the Hounds. I’m thinking of going technology free (by that, I mean no Phone, no Computer, no Tablet. I’ll be using technology of some kind, after all, I need to cook, drive to get there, and possibly have some kind of like in the darker hours.

I’m umming and erring about taking the hounds with me though. Positives are that it gives me something to do while I’m away. I can go explore long walks with them, find secluded beaches and let them bite at the waves. Hurriedly put them on the lead whilst they try to bring down a passing cow.

The downside is that they’re a year old. Disobedient, and would have to spend a chunk of time on the lead in the campsite. During the day they normally have run of the house and garden, as I’m home and able to keep the back door open. In a field with other campers, I can’t risk them sneaking in to other tents to steal sausages.

So, thats todays dilemma, arrange a camping trip with Food thieves, or solo.

I’m leaning towards the thieves.

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