I don’t want to be famous!

I have some odd thoughts while sitting drinking my 15th coffee of the day. Today it was that I wouldn’t like to be famous. (Certainly not for causing some kind of catastrophe).

I don’t think I’d handle the attention well, and I certainly wouldn’t enjoy my family getting the same attention.

How did I get from Coffee to being famous? its a little bit of a jump, in a Kevin Bacon kind of way.

Mmm Coffee

Coffee keeps me going through the day, I’ll just browse a web page or two while drinking my coffee.

Oh, theres my blog, I should write something.

Oh, someone on twitter blogged about how hard it is get your blog read.

Would I want regular people reading my blog?

People would comment…

Would I want people waiting on me writing?

Would it then become forced, and not something I do for a laugh?

Gah, imagine having to be available to do things for people on command, and people knowing who you are!!!

It’d be like being a recognisable tv star, but on the internet.

I dont want to be famous.

My brain wonders at quite a rate of knots, and often I’ll forget that other people aren’t party to the conversation in my head. We’ll be happily talking about something, like… erm… Bees?

My brain will have equated bees to hive, hive to aliens, aliens to nuking the site from orbit, and suddenly I’m commenting on fallout shelters.

My brains already moved from fallout shelters to pip boys. Some days theres no hope for me.

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