When I was a younger person, a mere 23, I bought a house with my (at the time) Fiance. At around the same time, we were also planning to get married, and slap bang in the middle of all of the Chaos of moving and getting married, we got two kittens. We’d already rescued a cat, and I had agreed to go see a friend who had 3 litters of kittens. (Spot the person who didnt get her three cats spayed).

We ended up coming home with two kittens. They were cousins, rather than sisters, but both were a bit mental. I think that statement applies to most kittens though.

Bonnie and Greebo became the newest residents of the house, and they terrorised our other cat, who discovered the ability to run six feet up a wall and latch on to a shelf to keep clear of the little buggers

A year after we got them, we lost Greebo to a car. And Bonnie became a little grumpier. We got her a pal (Cadbury) who tried to terrorise her like she had with Fluffy, but most of the time she just sat him down and scolded him.

Fluffy, Bonnie and ‘bury stayed with me after my marriage crashed, and moved with me through several house moves. Fluffy eventually had enough of the other two, and went to live with a neighbour. My Mum says she still occasionally sees her, but, I don’t think it can be the same cat, she’d be 24 by now.

When C and the kids came to live with me, they brought Nyd with them, Nyd was a large Maine Coon cross, incredibly fluffy, and initially scared of Bonnie and Bury, roles changed though and he soon became the boss.

We moved again to London, and poor bury was showing his age. We woke at 1am one morning to find the neighbours dog had broken through into our garden. Bonnie and Nyd had gotten safely into our Shed. Bury was unfortunately not so lucky.

Shortly after we lost Bury, Cal came home one day from collecting Maia with a small black kitten tucked under her coat. No idea how it had got there!

Initially called Loki, until we found out he was a she, so we changed the name to Azumi. After months of calling her Zumi we discovered that we’d been wrong, she was actually very much a he. Zumi had stuck as a name though. Bonnie wasn’t impressed with him, neither was Nyd. Bon had already done the whole “bringing up a kitten” thing, and decided she couldn’t be bothered with it again. Nyd took him under his wing, and together they stalked birds.

We lost Zumi a few months ago. He’d been missing for a few days, and I spotted a black cats body in the park. It wasn’t Zumi, but We found him a few metres away.

Nyd was quite withdrawn following this, and Bonnie was too old to pay much attention to what was going on around her.

A month ago, Nyd also went missing. we’ve not found him, and though we keep hoping he’ll strut in again, having been on a wonderful adventure, we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that he wont.

So Bonnie is now by herself. She’s lived for 19 years, which is a bloody long time for a cat. She’s old, has no sense of balance, and frequently face-plants off things. One vet told us a few months ago that she’s mostly blind and deaf. But we’re not sure he’s right, he’s never been the most reliable vet.

Today we took her to the PDSA for their opinion, because we’re worried about her lack of balance, the fact that her back legs have no co-ordination, and she shouts a lot of the time. The vet said that she was pretty spritely for her age. Her ears are pretty dirty inside, so she needs some drops. She’s been prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine to help her back legs, and she has a lump on her stomach which the vet thinks may be cancer.

So good news, she’s not in pain, and has a good standard of living for such an old cat. Bad news, she has a cancerous growth on her stomach.

Whilst its technically bad news, I’m just happy I got to bring her back home with me, and that she’s not in pain.1237269_10151654389176545_1380257856_o


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