Working from Home. aka Frantically Floating.

Theres a high chance that I’ve written before that I work from home. I have a memory like a goldfish, and struggle to remember anything further than 5 seconds.

Theres a high chance that I’ve… ok, joking.

I work from home. It’s not a “once or twice a week” thing, its a work from home every day, and go into the office once or twice a month.

It’s incredibly handy for us, because it means C can also work.

The company I work for is also incredibly understanding with family matters, because its a relatively small company (25ish staff) and almost everyone has kids of their own. The MD is on record as saying “you don;’t miss school stuff unless you want to. Nativities, sports days, whatever. You go to them, because they’re important”. That’s an incredibly impressive benefit as far as I’m concerned.

One of the major benefits from working from home though, is the fact that you don’t really have to specify where home is. Home could be the local starbucks as long as it has internet. Hell, if I wanted to (and there was wifi) I could work from the beach… Hold on to that thought.

I used to grew up in South East London. Technically it was South East London, but we classified it as Kent, because that was the postal address! I moved about a bit, and prior to my current job, we were living and working in Bournemouth. My folks lived in Poole, and it was sufficiently far that going over was planned, rather than a drop in thing. Over the 8 years we lived in Bournemouth, we realised we weren’t dropping in much, and neither were my folks. Then we moved back to London for work. To my Mothers dismay, we probably see my folks now once or twice a year. Normally in the last week of the summer holidays.

This year, I’d planned to do the same. A trip down at the end of August, for some time on the beach.

A few days into the summer holidays, and I realised that my youngest was driving me bonkers. my two boys occupy themselves with teenage things. Consoles, computers, Youtube. But my daughter wants my input on most things. Whilst its not difficult to carry on working while pretending to pay attention, its not fair to do that, so C and I bounced around the idea of me working from Poole for a few days. Essentially I’d work, and the kids could run around my parents house like loonies, or go out on trips with my folks if they so wished.

My kids were up for it, my parents were up for it. C loved the idea of having a quiet house that didnt require cleaning up after the kids every three minutes. So we packed up our bags, and jumped in the car.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I got up with my daughter, and we came down and had breakfast. I set up for work, and she talked non-stop to my mum for a few hours. I shovelled the boys out of bed, and my eldest son and my daughter accompanied my parents to the beach for a few hours. My other son wanted to chill for an hour or two, so I told him we’d hit the beach after work. They returned later on, with tales of wading out till the water was up to their necks, and building sand castles, and eating ice creams.

After work, we all hit the beach. I spent some time in the sea with my middle son, who uttered one of his best sentences ever, whilst I was teaching him to float.

“I’m doing it! I’m frantically floating!”

“Theres no such thing as frantically floating!”


It was a lovely evening, full of the laughter of children. We finished up playing a board game I’d brought with us. (King of Tokyo) in which my daughter tends to win, simply because no one understands the evil within her.

She wiped out my Mum and myself in one of the rounds, whilst cackling. and in the next round, she was aiming for my Dad. He pulled an awesome reversal though, and took her out instead. There was much laughter at the pouting.

Today, we’re planned to visit the beach again. I’d even worked out, that I’d be able to use my laptop on the beach, and connect in to work from there. (See, working from the beach! I said to save that!) Unfortunately though, the British weather has conspired to stop that. It was peeing it down this morning, so instead my daughter and parents have heading off for a nice long dog walk, and my sons have retired to their room to build up their energy for tomorrow (when I don’t have to work, so am free to take them out too)

This working from home lark…. Its a hard life.

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