Burying bodies, alien creatures and wrestling monsters.

A weekend of different activities these past few days, interspersed with my usual activities.

I’ve spent most of the weekend digging holes, and filling them in again once I’ve tossed the bodies in.


I dug in wet muddy sand, and helped pluck weird alien creatures from their sandy homes.



I wrestled sea monsters, and turned them into steeds.


And at the end of the day, we’ve come back to my parents, and sat around a table with family, whilst enjoying some fun games.

2014-08-02 08.58.25

We’ve had a great couple of days, and we’ve two more days before we return home, both of which I’ll need to work for.  But the kids will get to experience the joys of the beach for a few more days.

We back down again at the end of August, and this time I wont be working. I’m having to start planning now.

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