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Recently, we’ve started watching a Korean show called ‘Running Man’ (Not to be confused with Arnie’s film of the same name).

The basic concept for the show is that 7 celeb’s (sometimes with guests) complete a series of challenges, and the final challenge ends with all of them facing off against each other in a large arena (this is often a shopping centre, or a large office building) and trying to remove each others name tags (velco’d on their back).

Its hilarious. There’s alliances, betrayals, twists, vengence. It has it all!

Fortunately, we’re a bit late to this one, as its been running weekly for years, so we can binge watch to our hearts content! The problem though, is that the channel that screens it (subtitled) isn’t available in the UK.

5 years ago, this would have been a problem. Either we would have had to find a torrent site hosting it, and pray that enough people were seeding this strange show, or we wouldn’t watch it!

Today however, through the power of technology, we can stream the video through a VPN site, (thanks TunnelBear!) and watch via dramafever.com to our hearts content!

It kinda makes me wish I had a larger circle of friends. I can quite easily imagine getting a few folks together to play this in a park. It’d be almost like playing wide-games at cubs again!

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