Autumn rears its Orange hair.

I was talking to my father a few days ago, and he told me they’d spent the day on the beach in Poole, watching the Bournemouth marathon run past. They’d all got a little burnt as it was so hot.  This was in early October. The next day it rained so much that my hounds refused to go into the back garden, and required a shove to get them outside.

I love October. I’m a huge fan of Autumn. I love the rain, the gusty afternoons, and the changable nature of everything. Octobers also halloween season, and its one of the few annual events I can get behind. I love seeing kids dressed up in fancy dress, running from house to house in the hope of getting sweets.
Very few people locally open the door to kids at Halloween. Growing up, we knew who most of the people on our section of street were, even if we didn’t socialise with them. Now, not so much. I wonder if its that society/London is more insular, or perhaps its just me. I’ve offered to take the kids down to my parents for Halloween this year. Whilst the ‘trick or treating’ is pretty much the same, I’ve more family in Poole to visit with the kids, and theres more chance for them to mess around with their cousins. Though I also worry that with the boys being proper teenagers now, they may be bored by it, and not share my love of dressing up.

October, whilst seasonably great, is also a plague on our wallet. within a four month bracket, we have 4 kids birthdays, 1 adult birthday (me!) and Christmas. If thats not enough to deprive the wallet moths of food, then I don’t know what is.

So with the positives, and negatives of October fighting a pitched battle, I’ve decided to ignore them all, and try and walk the dogs more. enjoy the outside before it becomes winter (I’ve heard its coming) and consign the other worries to a small filing cabinet in my brain marked “Confidential Waste, please shred”.

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