Feeling low?

Its not a short joke!

Doesn’t matter how low I feel, animals have an amazing ability to always cheer me up. (No, I’m not feeling low at the moment, just commenting… Go with it.)

We currently have two cats, and two hounds. You may have seem me mention them before. I do that.

Our newest addition Sql (pronounced Squiggle, because it pisses off my Dev friends) is a typical kitten. by that, I mean she’s powered by stupidity and insanity.

Our hounds are Akita/Mastiff hybrids (sounds better than ‘cross’ or ‘mutt’) or Akitiff as we like to ironically name them. Size wise they’re around the same size as a medium sizes German Shepherd. Weight/muscle wise, they’re about the equivalent of a single decked bus. They’re a year and a half old, sisters, and as stubborn as they are dipsy. Sql likes to pounce on them and run away.

In her (insanity plea) defense, they love her. Whenever they catch her, she’s pinned under an oversized paw, and throughly washed. To the point where when you stroke her, she’s sopping.

Her ears are the cleanest of any animal I’ve owned.

The worst part is, she bloody loves it. When the hounds tired of washing her, she grabs their noses, and smears herself along them. She’s a bit of a tart like that.

But with such antics taking place in the house, its tough to keep a smile from sneaking in.

I wanted to post a gif of Sql getting washed, but WordPress told me the Gif was too big. You can’t tell me what to do WordPress! You’re not my mum!

Slurp Slurp Slurp Nom.


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