At 2.15 (14:15 for those of you with a military background) an appointment popped up on my phone and computer.

“SQL Injection” it announced. (For those of you not in the know, SQL is a programming language, and the one we primarily use at work).

I was chuffed, someone had invited me in for a training session! I never get included in this sort of thing! Mind you, I’m not sure anyone has these kinds of sessions…

So I opened the calender appointment to work out who it was with, and whether it was remote (If not, I was screwed, as it takes longer than 15 mins to get into the office).

There was no meeting information in the calender appointment. Bugger. Someone messed up, lets see who booked this appointment. Perhaps I can ask them?

I booked it. I booked a meeting with no other info than the title and time. SQL Injection. 2.30.

Crap. I don’t remember doing this? I’ve had nothing to do with training sessions. Why would I book a mee…

Hang on, I remember.

SQL is my cats name. Today was her second Jab.

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