And more old Stuff!

I sat down, trying to remember where I’d hidden my old stories. Dropbox was looking far too tidy, I was far too lazy to dig out my external hard drive from under the TV, and my Documents folder was emptier than my memory.

Fortunately, a quick dive through my “Stuff” folder in my email turned  up some … Well, Stuff I guess.

This first one was a poor attempt by me to get my kids to eat more fruit!


Theres a hidden stage in history
It really was a hoot
but these days no one talks about
the war against the fruit!

How apples stalked our forests,
and Tomatos lay in wait,
and how farmers made it safe again
to pass the orchard gate!

In bygone days, after dinosaurs,
vegetables ruled the land
and fruit and veg were vicous beasts
and hunted after man.


A family ran in terror

being chased by a crazy plum
they were rescued by a farmer
who shot it with his gun.

He sat the family down,
and listened to their ballad,
then he armed himself, and rubbed his tum
and said “who wants some salad?”

from then on it was mayhem
some say that it was fate!
not a single fruit or vegetable
was safe from the farmers plate.

Now-a-days farmers help us
so that no one has to yield
they keep the fruits and veg tame
and grow them in their fields.

BUT, we must keep out a close eye
to keep the wild fruit at bay
by making sure we all stick
to eating five a day!

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