How to injure yourself in one simple step.

A few days ago, we discovered our feline friends were infested with little visitors. We treated them with tablets, but that only ‘encourages’ the visitors to head elsewhere. So to counter this, we decided to bathe the kitties.

We’ve bathed cats before. One of us holds the cat, and the other
showers, and soaps the animal, before wrapping them in a towel. We then throw ham at the cat, and hide behind the sofa while they calm down.

Bonnie is fine, she’s not happy being bathed, but she has become used to it, and just glares at me.

Sql however, has never had a bath before. She’s slightly smaller than Bon, as she’s still a kitten.  Holding her though, was like holding a clawed octopus on steroids. Every time I thought I had a sensible grasp of her, another leg broke free, and slashed my arms. We finally got her clean, free of soap, dry and released into the living room. She sat and glared at us for a few minutes, before heading off to steal the dogs warmth.

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