Geeky post! (Boardgames)

You’re probably going to want to skip this post unless you have an interest in board games. I give you permission! you don’t even have to feign interest whilst secretly longing to be hit by a car.

Yesterday was our monthly board game meet up. We meet on the last Sunday of the month. Yesterday I only took a few games along, contrary to my normal practise of filling my bag with games. I took Pandemic (we’d not played in ages) Smash up, Saboteur, Quirkle, and a game of my own design. You can ignore the first four games for now, because I’m going to talk about my game.

Essentially my game is a pathbuilding game, built around circuitboards. It’s gone through a few revisions after some horrible playtests, and come out as something I quite like. I’m sure theres some more revisions to be had, but its played incredibly well with both 2 and 4 players so far, and I’m happy with the overall outcome. My original ruleset allowed players to lay tiles anywhere, and pretty much ended up with people trying to ruin each others circuits, rather than build their own. It also used a board with limited space, meaning that the game could potentially be over very quickly. I’ve moved now though to a card based system, with only the table size as the restriction.

The game played incredibly well yesterday, with the only two comments being “I’m surprised theres not more opportunity to screw people over” (though the term ‘piss in someones well’ may have been used) and “I’m not sure the name is catchy enough.”

Naming the game has been a bit tough. I’ve gone through a few different options in my head. ‘Drained’ ‘Juice’ ‘Out of Juice’ and ‘Bottom Grade Science’ (I quite liked the last one, and went so far as to write up the ruleset/backstory with it in mind).

None of them sat well with the others, and as with anything, it was tough to get a consensus on what made for a good game name. Some liked puns, Others wanted something with a bit of WHAM. Circuit Freak (or something similar) came up, but to me that felt too… I dunno, too in your face?

My original prototype was laser printed on postcards, guillotined down to size, and laminated. So as a result its pretty plain. I’m no graphics designer though, and struggled to come up with something stylized in a manner I was happy with. When I was working on the bottom grade science angle, I decided to use graph paper as a background, and made up my cards with a nice background.

I’ve bitten the bullet today, and ordered a few sets from a prototype games company.

Score-wise I’m torn. To date we’ve just kept score with pen and paper (everyone starts at 100 power, and needs to get down to 0.)

I’ve a nice design for a scorecard, but if each set of cards is only costing a few quid, do I really want to double that to add a scorecard?

I’ve mocked one up, and will try it out at some stage.

Now I just need to learn to program, because in my head this would work equally good as an app!

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