I’m very bad at writing a blog.

I’m well aware that this blog exists.

I’m also well aware that its my blog.

I’m also aware that I have plenty of time to write blog posts.

I just… kind of… forget.

I like writing, it’s nice to get my words out on the page, even though its for no-one other than myself. Its kinda therapeutic for me. (I was going to ask if that’s how you spell therapeutic, but the wiggly line underneath was judging me, so I corrected it.)

But, I’m aware that random waffling will possibly inform others that I’m not completely right in the head, and while that may be accurate, perhaps its best I keep that to myself.

Recently We’ve (C and I) been working on lots of website themes together, both Work-related, and for friends. I’ve discovered that while I can’t drag for crap, I’m not awful at image manipulation, and colour matching. This is bizarre, because I’m Colour-blind (or for the PC amongst us, I’m colour deficient). tumblr_mtlgo6E4wq1s7ygpko1_1280


I’m told this is the number 83, I’ve no idea, I can’t see it!

But I’m actually enjoying it. Unfortunately designing pages for other people means we need to accept peoples opinions, and sometimes peoples ideas on acceptable colour schemes are just wrong!

You may, at some stage, see BiteyMcChomp become a showcase for demo sites we’ve created. This blog will still exist in one form or another though, it may just change to a better looking blog though. (that wouldnt be hard though.)

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