Never insult the company you work for online!

I’ve been online in one form, or another, for about seventeen years now. When I first got online, it was on a whopping 33k connection, through an ISP with a local rate number. My phonebill jumped from £20 a month to around £400 the first month, when I swiftly realised that I had to moderate my internet access!

A constant I’ve seen through-out my time on newsgroups, social media and blogs, is that some people dont think through things clearly. They’ll happily vilify work, ‘friends’ and family, without realising that those harsh words are there for all to see, no matter how private you think things are.

There’ve been some quite well known images shared of people insulting/complaining about their work, and getting fired as a result. I’ve personally seen facebook posts from employees who’ve phoned in sick, announcing that they were ‘pulling a sicky to go to the beach’. I think they’d forgotten they added me to facebook.

So I’m always really cautious what I post, because everything I write will be read by at least one other member of staff.

That said though, I actually really enjoy my job. I very rarely have cause for complaint. My only gripe is with my salary. I occasionally look around at what I could be earning elsewhere, and its a fair bit more than I’m getting where I am now. I’ve raised this as an issue, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it.

I’m also trying to stretch my brain with a view to increasing my skills, but with it being a small company, promotion prospects are pretty slim. The few paths open for Progression require my managers OK, and I’m not sure I’ll get it.

So to summarise,.. Don’t talk about work on blogs.




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