Money isn’t everything!

When I was a sprog, my Mum used to say “You’ll never be rich, but you’ll always have enough money to survive.” I used to dismiss that, thinking I wanted to be rich. I still do, but she was right, we’ve always had just enough money, even when it seemed like we didn’t. Money isn’t the key to happiness, though its certainly a catalyst.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve had incidents surrounding each of our kids (that live at home). My Oldest, whilst Severely Autistic, has just been accepted into a mainstream college to study Arts and Media. He was originally accepted into a ‘lifeskills’ course, which essentially is about ‘how to cook for yourself, and use a shop’. Whilst these are important things that some disabled children need to learn, we’ve always been of the opinion that he can do so much more. After reviewing this with us, the college agreed. I just wish it hadn’t taken so many months of trying to get in contact with them, to sort this out.

My Second Son had work experience set up. He has Autism too, though on a lesser scale. They didn’t consult him on what work experience he’d like to do, and instead sent him to an office that deals with autistic adults. He got to spend two days sat in a tiny meeting room by himself. Printing out 200+ documents individually (if he printed them all at once, no one else would be able to use the printer) and stuffing them in envelopes. after the first day, he said he wanted to jump out of the window. We told him day two would be better, and that we were sure he’d be given better things to do. We were wrong. At the end of day two, we phoned the school, and said it was enough. If the school were trying to teach kids just how boring and tedious work was, they’d succeeded, and he wouldn’t be going back.

We gave the school two options. Either he could come to work with us, and we’d set up a schedule of work for him to carry out. They could review this, and ensure it was adequate, or they could have him back in school for the rest of the week. They declined both options until after I’d spoken with the deputy head. Then they reversed the decision, and he came to work with us for three days. We made sure he saw several different roles in the company over the three days he was there, and he went back to school having enjoyed it. We were visited by a member of staff on the third day for a spot check, and even the member of staff enjoyed his time with us! That’s always a win.

Our Youngest also had an awesome week. She’s just received her school report. She’s just finished year 2 (age 6-7) and her report was full of 3’s and A’s (scale goes p, 1, 2, 3+ and A-F). She received a clean sweep of top grades, and her teacher waxed about how great she was, we were very happy about this, and we then learned that my nephew had an identical score. I reckon its genetics 🙂

On friday, she had her first friend come and stay over night. I think we saw her less this weekend than any weekend so far. She spent Friday evening, and most of Saturday alternating between playing in her room, and playing in the garden. She was up at 5am, and they were playing on the xbox. Today, she slept in till 11.30, and only rose because I made Pancakes.

I’ve deviated a little, but with good reason. Money isn’t what makes me happy, what makes me happy is my kids being well, and doing well. For the time being, they are, and everything’s looking ok. Financially we may not be doing so well, but we’re treading water, and I don’t see huge waves on the horizon.

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