Six weeks, and counting…

The summer holidays have officially begun, all of my children are home now until September. They’re incredibly happy about this!

As a kid, the Summer holidays meant that both my parents (who were teachers) were home, and it was a holiday for all of us. We’d sometimes go camping, or ‘out’ or spend time in the park. You know, the sort of things you do when you don’t have high speed internet, computers, and consoles.

I’ve booked the last two weeks of their holiday off, because by then I’ll need it. By the last two weeks the kids will be bored. Bored of their computers, consoles, and toys, and bored of being bored. By that point, I’ll be trying to entertain them by taking them out to ‘fun places’ though it’ll probably mean taking them to my parents in Poole, and throwing them at the sea. Everyone loves the sea.

However, before I get to that point, I need to find things for the kids to do, that wont impact on my day to day work. The boys are fine, as they’re teenagers. I very much doubt I’ll see them till midway through the afternoon anyway. Maia, however, is like a hyperactive tigger…. On sherbert and E numbers.

I think it might be time to start looking into buying a tranq gun. I’ll see you on the other side. Wish me luck.

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