The perils of trying to lose weight.

I’ve written before (though I’m not sure if theres a post here, I rarely reread my own ‘stuff’) about losing weight. Its a pretty much constant issue in my mind. Its a universal theory that our bodies hit a point, somewhere between 20 and 30, where it suddenly says “You know what, Sod this, you’re not allowed to eat this much pizza, and drink this much beer without consequences any more.”

My body hit that point, but my brain didn’t listen. Consequently I’m now considered ‘obese’. I believe someone may have even used the words ‘Morbidly’ at some stage. When I discuss this with some people, they’re polite, and say things like “oh, you’re not that much overweight really…” Which leads me to believe that i) I carry my weight well for my height, or ii) People are massive liars!

I’d like to believe its i), but my brains currently pointing at me and giggling, so I can’t discount ii).

So, a little while ago, I decided it was time to do something about it, and started on a diet. I’ve gone for a VLC diet (very low calorie) on the basis that if I lose the weight fast, it’ll be easier for me to then get into an exercise routine, and change my lifestyle. Realistically what I should do is completely change my diet, and way of living, but hey, pigeon steps…

I’ve also ordered a new bike. I’ve not had a new bike in a very long time, and my old second/third/fourth hand bike was chewed and destroyed by the dogs. My plan is to put aside an hour a day for exercise. This will basically be me cycling for an hour. Initially I don’t expect this to be huge distances, but I know once I’m going for a few weeks I should start to cover about ten miles in this time. Work is about 8 miles away, so once I’m riding regularly I will start commuting this way too. So thats my exercise plan. Diet-wise I need to stick to what I’m doing. In the first month and a half I lost almost 2 stone.

Unfortunately I’ve been weak on two occasions now, and need to get my head back into it. I need to avoid thinking about food, which is tough when you’re preparing it for the kids. Its also tough when food is EVERYWHERE! I sat watching a streamed D&D session a few days ago. Pretty safe viewing for someone on a diet? They spent two hours playing, and eating a wide range of foods. I dribbled through-out.

I spend my time trying to think of different things that will take my brain off food. Normally I’d fill this void with gaming, or books. I’m currently in an ‘off’ phase for reading. I tend to circle through on/off phases every few months. I’ll spend some time devouring everything within read on the kindle, then spend an equal amount of time not being interested. The same applies to games. Currently I’m also in an ‘off’ phase for gaming too. Why’d they both have to happen at the same time?

However, theres a goal in sight. Next year (march) I’m heading to Spain for my brothers 40th birthday. There will be about 15 people out there celebrating with him, and whilst March isn’t thehottest season, it’ll be hot enough to be on the beach. I don’t want to be the large one that keeps his shirt on, nor do I want to watch every bite I eat. We’ll also be taking lots of trips, long trail hikes, boats over to africa, pony trekking. I really can’t be the person whose size affects what he can join in with. So, I’m not going to be. Will power will be required, and from here on I’m losing weight. I started this trek at 20 stone. I’m now 17 1/2 stone. My goal is around 13. I can do this. I just need to persuade chip butties to bugger off.


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