Odd things I do.

Everyone has their odd little foibles. Most of the time we don’t really know they’re odd until we take a step back and examine what we’ve just done.

This morning, I took a step back, and realised I was being a bit odd.

I assume inanimate objects have feelings.

If I’m at the supermarket, and I’m heading to get a trolley, I’ll get the trolley that’s by itself. Obviously its lonely, as it’s not with its friends. So I’ll take it on a tour of the aisles, before reconnecting it with its pals.

If I’m selecting bread, and theres a nicely stacked pile of bread, and one loaf off to the side, I’ll take the straggler, because someones picked it up, and decided its unwanted, before placing it back. I dont want it to feel unwanted, so it gets to come home with me.

Today, I was grabbing a coffee. We have cardboard cups, because people aren’t brilliant at cleaning cups at the end of the day. The top cup was a bit crumpled, Everyone else has been taking cups from the bottom as a result. Poor Crumplecup is now on my desk, having held my morning milkshake. He’s happy now. Just don’t tell him he’s headed for the bin shortly.

Today I’ve been a little odd.


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