Messy Dragons! (With Artwork by Maia)

This was probably my first story for the boys, in a poor attempt to get them to tidy up after themselves. (Spoiler, it didn’t work) I think they were 8/9 at the time…


On a far away Hill,2014-02-24 12.54.08

In a deep dark cave,

was a place you only go,

if you’re feeling very brave.




2014-02-24 12.54.30

The cave was very messy

and had a sort of gloom,

It belonged, you see to dragons,

it was a pair’s bedroom.



The Dragons names were Jason,

2014-02-24 12.54.49

and Daniel, though its fairly,

safe to say these dragons,

werent particularly scary.




Their cave was filled with treasure,

2014-02-24 13.04.16

(not neatly kept at all),

it covered most of the floor,

and it reached up to the walls.



Their parents were quite saddened,2014-02-24 13.04.26

But you’d have to be a nutter,

to tell a pair of dragons,

to tidy up their clutter.


2014-02-24 13.04.44

So their treasure got too messy,

since they wouldnt lend a hand,

and rumours of the treasure,

spread across the land.



Soon adventurers came visiting,

2014-02-24 13.55.13

(not at night, but during the day),

and while the pair were sleeping,

took the treasure right away.



Dan and Jason woke up early,

2014-02-24 13.55.23

and let out a painful cry,

their treasure pile had gone away,

whilst asleep they both did lie.



They thrashed about and cried and wailed,2014-02-24 13.55.38

and thought they they had been,

very silly dragons, for not keeping,

their room clean.



Now if you should see them today,2014-02-24 13.55.52

in their cave so far away,

“why this room is sparkling clean”,

is what you’re sure to say.



For those dragons learnt their lessons,2014-02-24 13.56.03

and their cave is adventurer free.

because they make sure every night,

that their bedroom is tidy.


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