I wish I knew a Super Hero! (I know loads, don’t tell anyone!)

I Wish I knew a Superhero!
Little Mary said
With a cape upon his back
and a mask upon his head!

He’d fight against slime monsters,
and horrors that cant be seen,
He’d make us all feel safe
and keep the whole town clean.

Mary’s mum smiled at her
and wielded a cloth and spray,
she cleaned the sides and table
and wiped the germs away.

I Wish I knew a Superhero,
Mary said as jumped from the swings,
With magical powers to heal,
and lift you, on magic wings.

she’d always keep an eye on me
and wouldnt moan at all,
she’d watch me from a distance,
and catch me when I fall.

Her Mummy caught her from the swings,
and swung her past the trees,
she put her back down on the ground
and brushed dirt from her knees.

I wish I knew a superhero
she said as she stamped her feet
who could use telepathy,
and knew what I wanted to eat

He’d read my mind at bedtime,
and I wouldnt need to fear
that I couldnt remember the name of
the story I wanted to hear.

He’d check under the bed,
and the cupboard by the door
and be ready to fight (if necessary)
the monster I’d heard Roar.

Her Daddy turned the light out,
and kissed her on the head,
“Good night sweetie, go to sleep now,
its time to go to bed”

He checked inside the cupboard,
and gave Mary a little smile,
Sweet dreams my fairy princess,
I’ll see you in a while.

Downstairs her parents listened,
as their daughter began to snore,
they took off their capes and masks,
and they hung them on the Door.

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