I’ll just stealth over here, while singing to myself.

For the last couple of years, I’ve religiously watched Tabletop on the Geek & Sundry channel of youtube. Its been something to look forward to every other Thursday, and has introduced me to a number of new games that now adorn my games bookcase. Most of them are hilarious, some more than others. When Tabletop announced they were doing a role-playing show, I was excited to watch this too. They’re on episode 7 now, and I’ve not yet watched a single episode. I’m also behind on Tabletop too. This is because I accidentally clicked on the wrong link form Geek & Sundry at one stage, and instead ended up watching Critical Role.

I think I’ve mentioned Critical Role before, (Old brain, I forget things). Its a group of 9 (most of the time) Voice Actors/Actors who get together once a week to play through 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Its bloody hilarious. The GM is a genius, and no two NPC he voices are the same. the world he describes is vibrant, and easily imaginable. Each of the players has a carefully created persona for their characters, with their distinct traits and foibles. Even Trinket, the pet Grizzly, possesses his own well crafted character. Listening to them play each week (17 episodes so far, at almost 3 hours per episode) drove me to seek out a local D&D group.

In one episode, Trinket the Bear was at deaths door. I don’t know who was more upset, his owner, or me! In the episode I’ve just watched (e16) an event occurred at the end that choked me up a little. I’m avoiding spoilers, but Damn!

Seriously though, if you like gaming at all, you should be checking these out, if anything, it’ll give you around 400 hours of hilarious (and clever) viewing. You too can see what happens when you polymorph a flying wyvern.

(push through the sound issues on the first episode, it gets better after a minute or so.)

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