Power Rangers, Onions, and repetiton

One of the side-effects of having a child with Autism, is that you will have watched films, or TV shows repeated several hundred times. Not always the entire episode, sometimes just a 10 second clip that makes them laugh, that they then loop and laugh at, every single time. We got used to this a long time ago, or we’d have been driven nuts by now. One show my son has always watched, for as long as he could control the Remote, was Power Rangers. When I first met Cal, Power Rangers Wild Force had just finished, and it wasn’t one I’d really watched. It was, however, the kids favorite. Its the one we have all of the metal zords and megazords from. There’ve been other zords, but the best ones were from Wild Force.

Two days ago, my son was looking on Amazon for a Lunar Caller (the Lunar Wolf Rangers morpher… OK, you may not even know what that is…) I knew he’d had one before, and as with everything, we keep their stuff in the loft. We learnt our lesson on that one, having to rebuy toys when he’d remember then 2 years later and want to play with them. I dragged it out of one of the many tubs of toys, and he’s spent the day playing with it, and talking with his sister about Power Rangers.

At least, thats what I thought they were doing. Turns out, instead, he introduced her to power rangers through Netflix. She’s just finished watching it. The final episode always tugs on the heart strings. Every single time. I’ve seen it more times than I can count, but when they lose the zords… No, you shut up! YOU’RE tearing up!

Stupid Power Rangers.

And don’t get me started on when Ash tries to leave Pikachu behind…

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