Stepping back through time.

Its 1999 (roughly) and I’ve gone out and bought my first PC. I’d made a mistake that I wouldnt recognise till several years later, and bought a ‘future proof’ PC from PC world. It was a Pentium PC, a whopping 133 mhz processor, with a 6 gig hard drive, if I remember correctly. It had a 33k modem, which meant I could connect up to the internet. Something I’d heard friends mention. I used it mainly to post bad jokes on message boards, and help myself through final fantasy 7 when I got stuck. One of my dastardly ‘friends’ and my brother were trying to convince me to purchase a game called Ultima Online. I was resisting, because I knew I’d be hooked, and couldnt afford the phone bill it’d entail.

I tried it.

I was hooked.

First phone bill after was 400 quid.


Two years later, Approximately. I’m contacted to say that cable modems are trialing in my area with Ninex. who later became Cable and Wireless (who later became Virgin). Did I want to upgrade, and get a 512k connection? Duh…

First thing I did, was download an MP3. it no longer took ten to fifteen minutes. It was done in about a minute. I was amazed. Gaming on it was blisteringly fast. I ran circles around everyone else in UO.

Two years later, and I’ve moved on from UO. I’m playing DAOC now, and my main machine was a 500Mhz processor. the Hard Drive was around 40 gig. We’d upgraded to a 1 meg line. Patching the game from scratch though meant we’d leave the PC on over night, and hope for the best. patching could take around 24 hours. this was for a 3-4 gig patch. We tried not to reinstall often if we could help it.

I’ve just rebuilt my PC, and I’m reinstalling The Secret World. its got a 10 gig patch. started the patcher off ten mins ago. It reckons it’ll be done within the hour. God bless technology. I’m just going to sit and play games on this thin screen I’m holding in my hand, that has 3 times the processing power of my computer from ten years ago. It doesnt have a massive 19 inch screen that could kill a person, nor does it while like a helicopter taking off.

Sometimes I forget I’m living in the future.

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