Caves and… Ghosts?

Most days, I coast through, doing as little as possible, and engaging my brain only when I have to. After a while of sleepwalking though, I get it into my head to go out and do something fun. I should do it more often, but… Laziness.

A few weeks back I agreed to meet up with my sister & her kids today. We arranged to go somewhere we’d not been since we were kids. Around the age our mutual kids are now. We roped my brother in too, and we decided to check out Chislehurst Caves. We (my sister and I) now live a fair distance from Chislehurst. So its not something thats constantly staring us in the face. But its something I have fond memories of.

The few times we went as kids, the trip seemed to take hours, wondering around a network of caves, being told about the history of them, together with the guide pulling jump-scares. Though, in reality it was never more than an hour. This tour was also an hour, though the exhibits have changed. Dark Dank caves have a habit of being hell on props. Sadly the doctor who props we used to see no longer exist. The hour tour though, seemed like it was over in minutes. (it wasn’t, my perception of time has skewed as I’ve aged). The kids loved it. They were all scared at the scary parts. (Ghost stories, leaving the lanterns behind for the ‘Bombs in the Dark’ part) curiously excited at the tales of murder and sacrifice, and incredibly intent on making out every single carving into the cave walls as we went through.

We carried hurricane lamps with us through the tour, to give it an authentic caving experience. and the flicker of the flames really helped spooky the stories up. I’m wondering if theres adult tours after dark, to scare the adults silly. Its certainly something I wouldn’t mind doing.

I did discover though, that getting a photo in the really low light, was almost impossible. (and you’re only supposed to take photos in designated areas). If we go again, I think I’ll need a proper camera, rather than my phone!

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