Goblins and Orks and… Orbital lasers?

I responded to a post in a guild forum a while ago, that was looking for roleplayers to join an online game. The system was undecided at that point, and the GM was new to GM’ing, but wanted to give it a try. I’d recently returned from my first D&D session in a long time, and signed up to see how online play would go. People dropped in, and out of being available to play, and we decided on Shadowrun as a system. Shadowrun is similar in setting to a setting I’ve played previously (Cyberpunk) but has the addition of magic, and magical races. Its basically the Hobbit meets the matrix. Picking up the rulesbooks (Shadowrun 4th edition) I leafed through, looking at character creation. I don’t think I’ve seen a more convoluted character creation system. Fortunately there are character creation tools, and thanks to Chummer I was able to get the basics of a character formed. Even with its help (and the help of our GM) it took me half the first session to get a character up and running. Thus Grakar, the Ork, was born.

I’m a fan of character flaws, and making a character that others are going to like to interact with. As such, Grakar is a bit odd. He’s an Ork, brought up by dwarves. He has an inherent distrust (and disdain) of all Orks, and is led, most of the time, by the more baser of desires. Normally food, and violence. He has a soft spot for dwarves, and will, where possible, go out of his way to protect them.

Whilst Magic exists within the Shadowrun world, its not something that Grakar really has a grasp on. He figures he has as much chance of understanding it, as he does of understanding why people would only eat half a burger, and throw the other half in the bin?

Armed with a few weapons, a tattered set of armour, and having had his arm replaced with a second hand Cyberarm, Grakar was ready for business.

Here follows his first in game adventure.


It was the 5th Urban Brawl Grakar had been to, and like the last two, it wasn’t going especially well. He’d bet 50 Nuyen on his home team, and half the idiots were unconcious, 2 were dead, and the rest seemed to be running in the wrong direction. It was getting close to 4am, and any moment now the winner would be announced, and then everyone would be booted out of the club. Everyone getting booted out meant that the food queue would be longer. Perhaps he should leave before the rush, there was a small store around the corner that sold a mean rat sandwich. It might not have been real rat, but the sauce made up for that!
A groan went up, and Grakar realised he’d left it too long. The club was turfing out, and if he wanted that sandwich he was going to have to hurry.
He left the bar, jumped on his bike, kicked it two or three times, and headed for the store.
Ahead of the crowd, he parked his bike and crossed the street. The kid behind the counter looked ugly. Not Ork ugly, but he was certainly trying. Grakar gave him a glare, one he reserved for Orks, and their wannabes. “Give me a rat burger” he growled, and turned to take in the store. A dwarf girl hurried behind the counter to help the ugly kid, and Grakar made a beeline for the gun isle.
“BUT MUM! I wanna Candy Bar!”
A wailing brat was throwing a grade 1 tantrum on the candy aisle. His Mother, a small storm of misery, was trying to console him with future promises. Grakar gave them the once over, classified them as annoying, and moved on. He could smell the sandwich cooking, and his stomach commenced the call of his people. Gurgling, and requesting saliva backup.
Ahead of him, a human girl, and boy-elf were huddled together. The girl, poorly concealed a shotgun under a coat too large for her. Her boy-elf lost inside an electric overlay of the store. They were obviously up to something stupid, and that was dangerous to Grakar’s sandwich. It wouldn’t do.
He approached them openly, getting ready his friendliest, and politest statement.
“Oi,” he growled, “I’m waiting on my sandwich. If you’re gonna do something dumb. Wait five minutes till I have it, or we’s going to have a little chat.”
She looked impressed. it was either that, or scared. Grakar always struggled with that one. Then her eyes narrowed, and she started to pull the shotgun out from under her coat.
Grakar prepared his best glare, and the shop behind him exploded in a rain of cereal and glass. This must have been his best glare yet. Then he smelt the gasoline, and burning rubber. This wasnt him, someone had blown up a car outside the shop front. He turned around, and saw the shop front Smouldering.
“MY SANDWICH!” he bellowed, and took off at a run for the cashier.

Halfway to the cashier, he saw the woman, cradling her child on the floor. Both seemed unhurt, but the child was making a weird child noise. Grakar grabbed a candy bar, and trying to shove it in the kids face, but the mother pulled the child away. ‘Oh Well, better check on the sandwich’ Grakar murmered. He popped his head up, to check on the cashier, and spotted two combatants heading his way. They were obviously intent on grabbing his sandwich!

The first motioned him to the ground, and fired a small weapon at the ceiling. Grakar wasn’t giving up his food without a fight, and raised his rifle from under his coat, pumping the first round into the stranger. There was a wet thud, and he went flying backwards into the cereal aisle. Boxes of multi-coloured cereal exploded cushioning the mans fall. “Hur, I’m a cereal killer” Grakar snarled. The guy snapped off a return shot, blowing confectionary off the shelf behind him.

Grakar circled around the shelving, looking for a better angle, and came face to… chest… with the second stranger. a metal encrusted troll snorted, and shook off Grakar’s reaction shot. Returning fire, the troll bellowed “Little lady, it’d be best you just came home to him without trouble!”

Obviously the Troll was a bit stupid. Grakar wasn’t a lady.

The trolls shot connected, and Grakar was surprised to find he’d been hit with a non lethal round. He’d come across these before, and obviously the troll had bought faulty stock. It barely effected him. Dropping his assault rifle to one side, he charged up his shock punch, and lightly slapped the Troll on the face. Obviously it’d been expecting something else, because it smirked at the light slap. Then the juice kicked in, and half a ton of Troll fell backwards across the ketchup display, twitching like a headless cockroach. Drawing his pistol with his left hand, Grakar took a bead on the humans head. Panic crossed the poor guys face, and Grakar Snarled “No one blows up my sandwich you bastard!”
Ketchup isn’t the most stable of floor surfaces, and the recoil caused a bambi moment. The human threw himself away from the shot, and through the gaping window. Grakar thought about pursuing, but by the time he’d recovered his footing, the bleeding cereal encrusted attacker had made it to a parked car, and was desperately trying to find his keys.

Sandwich time.

As he headed towards the counter, the lady shoved her son into a doorway, and started looking for an exit. Seeing the coast was clear, she came screaching over towards the Troll, kicking his prone corpse, and screaming crazy-lady talk. Grakar was struggling to hear her over the sound of his sandwiches cries though, and he scoped out the cashiers.

The ugly manchild was sitting sobbing on the floor. From the smell, he’d probably had a little accident. The dwarf girl though, was cradling something, protectively holding it to her chest.

Could it be? Yes, it is! his sandwich!

Grakar beckoned to the girl, took his sandwich and paid. Then he turned back to the crazy lady, who’d been saying something the whole time.

He took a big bite. His sandwich had cooled a bit, but the sauce, oh man the sauce.

“Uh, yeah, what was it you wanted Lady?”

She started on a string of words not fit for young ears. Her spawn was obviously filing these ones away for a future conversation.

“Lady, you need to use nicer words. You got a little boy thing there!”

She carried on shrieking about killing someone, and how Grakar shouldn’t be all judgy or something. He wasn’t really listening. His sandwich was pretty damn nice.

“I’ll hire you! Here, come to this address, I’ll pay you just to show up!”

Grakar looked at the address, then looked at the lady. “If this is where you live? aren’t those stupid men going to be meeting you there too?”

She looked a bit hesitant, and Grakar seized on this. “you go stay somewhere else. If you still need me, you call me, and I’ll come see you.”

The dwarf girl was trying to get his attention

“xcuse me, just thought I’d say, poopy pants here has hit the panic button, you might want to leg it!”

Grakar grinned… “Yeah, I think he pooped his pants!” He reached down, and liberated the troll of his ammo. Its rude to steal a mans gun, but its ok to steal his bullets!
“Lady, you call me ok?” and he slipped out the back door. Sitting on his bike across the road, he watched security show up while finishing his sandwich. With a quick check, to make sure no one was glancing his way, he headed back towards his room. Perhaps he still had left overs in the fridge.

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