PC & Console games? meh.

I’m a bit gamed out.

I should probably clarify that a little more, I guess.

I’ve entered a ‘meh’ phase on computer games. I used to state that I wouldn’t buy games and leave them to rot, every game I purchased would be played, or at least tried. There are currently 67 games on my steam list. Its a small list when compared to some I guess, but I’ve played (for at least an hour) over ninety percent of the games.

I think my downfall happened when I started getting humble bundles. That said though, I’ve at least tried some of them. I was pleasantly surprised by Deux Ex Human Revolution. Yes it was very much an on-the-rails shooter, but it was enjoyable enough. Thief, on the other hand, I found quite dull. I guess it depends on my mood, but I’m not really a stealth gamer (unless I’m playing fallout).

All that said, though, I’m struggling to find anything that I really want to play at the moment. I’ve several games on the go, but none that scream “Play me! you’ll not realise its 4am, and work is in 4 hours!”

I’ve spent my quota of gaming time on MMO’s (its no secret if you’ve read my older posts) But even they have paled for me. ‘The Secret World’ is one I often return to, if only to run a mission or two before logging off. However, I’ve never really been that interested in the end game. Its a real shame, because I’m finally in a Cabal (guild in any other game) which carries out raids and nightly dungeon runs. I just don’t seem to have the interest that I did before though.

In World of Warcraft, we’d do dungeon runs each night, and Raids twice a week. It just doesnt appeal though at the moment. I think my issue is that there’s no new big MMO, and all the people I historically played with have moved on to other things.

That said though, I’m starting to interact more on other things. Board games, and pen & paper RPG’s have made a resurgence. It’s still a struggle to force myself to leave the house, but if I’m out for work anyway, I can almost trick myself into going.

I think that may be the secret to socializing for me. Tricking my brain into not knowing what I’m doing till I’m there. It’s a good thing my brains stupid. I can get away with murder*.



*not literal murder… honest.

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