Fabled far away lands

On every plane of existence, there exists a place thats difficult to get to, but contains treasures of the highest magnitude. In Bitey-land my Daughter has discovered this place, it is called A’tic, and contains the treasures of adventurers gone before her, whose tools, and weapons lay boxed and forgotten, until now.

Yesterday, she travelled into the lofty (heh) heights, and had her sherpa carry back a chest of wonders. The chest now lays empty upon the floor, and the wonders strewn across her room. She has rediscovered the toys of her siblings, the metal cast Power Rangers toys made before Bandai sold out and started producing plastic toys instead. Today, the Wild Force Zords have been assembled, and stand off against transformers. Weapons have been drawn, batteries have been replaced, and her room is no longer a safe place to walk bare foot.

I wonder how long before I can return them to A’tic.

2015-08-13 09.26.19

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