Fallout Shelter

Whilst yesterday I mentioned that there was a long wait for the games I’m looking forward to. I forgot one of the small titles that escaped my Notice.

Fallout 4 was announced a few months ago (Dont worry, this wasnt the small title) and within the announcement, they also announced (and released on iOS) Fallout Shelter. I don’t have an iOS device myself, but my better half does. I borrowed it a number of times before I realised I was better off holding off, and waiting for it to be released on Android. It was either this, or continue to steal her phone for several hours at a time.

So after building a medium sized vault, I put the iPhone down, and walked away.

Today, Fallout Shelter hit the Google Play store. I’ve downloaded the app, run out of battery, and downloaded an Android emulator.

Lets see, whats the best way to describe the game?

Fallout shelter puts you in the role of a vault overseer. You manage the day to day running of the vault. You make sure enough people are working in the power plant, providing electricity. You make sure enough people are purifying water, and you make sure theres enough food. Once you have the basic resources in line, you start adding medkits and radiation kits into the balance. then training rooms, and it carries on from there.

Its free to play, with no “buy stars to complete things faster” mentality. The only in game purchases are lunch boxes, which basically give you free gear, and the possibilty of extra characters. These lunch boxes are available in game too. the purchase ability is just for those who want more, straight away.


I know I’m going to spend too much time, playing a ‘pointless’ game, but something about controlling the lives of several hundred vault dwellers appeals to me.

You can find the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bethsoft.falloutshelter




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