Fumble roll vs Bob

I guess I should start this post by saying its about addiction. Not, in this instance, to drugs, or drink, but addiction all the same.

I struggle sometimes when I find something new that I like. I guess I always have. If its something I find amazing, or that really calls to me, I want to do that thing, or have all the things, or watch all the things.

As a kid, I didn’t have the wonders of the internet. If a show came on that I’d like, I’d need to make sure I tuned in at the right time each week to watch it. If I heard about something cool, I’d have to buy the book, find somewhere that does the thing, or hope to run into someone that already does that thing. I’m being pretty vague here, but you get the idea.

Now, its a different matter. With the power of the internet, I can download 51 episodes of Super Sentai Gokaiger. Binge watch them over a few days, and then pine for the fact that theres no more to watch. I can binge-play the latest game, completing it inside 10 hours, then feeling empty when its done.

I run into problems though, when the ‘new thing’ involves other people. When its an MMO (massivly multiplayer online game) I need to either reign in my play, to stay in line with others I’m gaming with, or run more than one character to compensate. When its an RPG (roleplaying game) Well, I just need to suffer.

I’m suffering.

I now play one game once a week, and one every other week. My addictive needs are not being met, but any more than that would be daft. It doesn’t stop my brain though. Its currently concocting story lines of its own, and I know at some stage in the future I’m going to end up running games. If only to get these ideas out of my head, and into the world.

Theres a problem there though. Theres two types of GM’s. Type one is organised. Plans out long involved storylines. Broken carefully into segments. Their worlds are fleshed out, and filled with lore, history, gods etc.

Type two wings it. they have a rough idea what the goal is, who the bad guys are, and what the best path would be. They tend to let the PC’s drive the plot, and providing they have a good imagination, not every NPC is called Bob.

Unfortunately I don’t plan too well, do I Bob?

However, I like to think I storytell well, when put on the spot.

So, yeah, I know at some stage I’m going to need to GM again, if only to fill that void. So, me and Bob vs the world.

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