Brilliant sunshine! well… maybe not.

Every year, in the last week of August, I make the pilgrimage to Poole with the kids to see my family. We try to get down a few times a year, but sometimes its just the last week of August.

For the last 3-4 years, its been amazing weather. Blistering sunshine every day, reflecting off the beautiful sandy beaches. We’d spend almost every day on the beach, soaked in factor 50 sunblock, and eating ice lollies.

On Saturday we braved the muggy heat in London to board 2 tubes, and a train. The train was on time, we were able to get seats, and we were ready for our holiday.

Twenty minutes into our journey I moved my daughter onto my lap. Although I’d bought a ticket for her, an older gentleman (looked to be in his eighties) was standing next to his wifes seat, and all seats were taken. We offered him her seat, and she shared a seat with her brother and me. Ten minutes later, the driver announced there were issues with the signals up ahead, and unfortunately this may delay our journey a little. The journey time was supposed to be two hours, and ended up being closer to three and a half.  Wasn’t a great start to the holiday really, but the kids were well behaved, we got our seat back after an hour, and all the kids electronics held a charge long enough to get us to our destination. On reaching Poole, it was bucketing it down. Someone had tried to lift the sea up in a sieve, and we were getting coated with the result.

This was ok though, it was early evening, and as long as it cleared up in the week, we’d be fine.

Sunday, and the sieve was still trying to bail out the sea.

Its now Monday, and I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to run out of rain water soon. I might have to head out, and find lumber and blueprints for an Ark.

I guess its the law of averages that we don’t have the best weather every year. Its just annoying that the kids are being kept away from the beach this year.

So instead, I’m trying to plan for bad weather activities. I offered the kids a chance to go to the cinema today. They declined, and are now hiding upstairs playing on their Tablets. I’d pretend to be a good parent, and limit their time on it, but to be honest I’m just happy that they’re happy.


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