Rainy days.

For 7 1/2 years, I lived in Bournemouth. I wokred locally, and we moved to London when I was offered better paid work. I’ve spoken about it before in posts.

With any area I’ve lived in., I often find I don’t make the most of the local facilities. In London we rarely use the museums for the kids, or any parks outside of the closest two. In Bournemouth, we rarely visited the beach, even though its one of our favorite places. However, in Dorset there are several other places that were on my list of places to go, but I just never got round to it.

One of these places was “The Jurassic Coast” <queue music from Jurassic World>. The cliffs, and strewn rocks at Kimmeridge Bay hold many Fossilized remains, and imprints from fossils. Mostly Ammonites, but there have been a number of awesome discoveries in the area. During a break in the rain, we decided to pop out and explore. Its about a 45 minute drive from my parents, through winding country roads and rolling hills.

As we got closer, the break in the rain got bored, and the rain came back. As we were already there, we decided to brave the rain, and fossil hunt anyway.

We got very wet. My two sons complained about being wet a bit, but enjoyed the fossil hunt none-the-less, and my daughter (and her cousin) ignored the rain, and had a whale of a time.

They found fossils, imprints, and some very large rocks to sploosh into the sea. It was a fun time, and something I should have done years ago. The rain is still going though, and I’m still pondering other tasks the kids can do while it pisses it down for their holiday.


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