Telling Stories.

So, you’ve probably noticed I’m back into Roleplaying. Thats pretty astute :).

Part of the draw, for me, is the story-telling side. As such, I set up my own campaign. I roped some friends in, and set up a Roll20 campaign.

Have I mentioned Roll20? I feel like I should have done. That might be a post for a different time though.

So I’m part of three ongoing stories at the moment. You’ll see stories starting with Spug, or starting with Grakar. These stories are for campaigns run by other people.

Spug is part of a D&D 5th edition campaign that occurs every second tuesday in a pub in Highgate. I’m still finding my feet there, and finding out where Spug stands in the group pecking order. Each session doesn’t always have the same players, so its a little hit and miss at times.

Grakar is part of a Shadowrun 4th edition group. Shadowrun is a little odd to me. Its a mix between cyberpunk and magic/fantasy. I’m still struggling to understand the ruleset, so have taken on my default role of someone that punches/shoots things. Its a good default mode for me, and being that I’m playing online/remotely, I can also have a few beers, and get a bit silly. As a result, our shadowrun missions have taken a turn for the daft, and I feel like this may be my fault.

The third story thats running is one of my own creation. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be writing the story up, because I don’t want to inadvertently give away spoilers to the players.

That being said though, I’ve been chronically the tale with my Daughter, explaining what has happened so far, and what the perils are. She’s gasping at the right bits, and analyzing all the puzzles. I think she’s almost ready to join in!

That said though, I’m not sure I could reliably kill off my daughters characters. Call it a flaw!

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