And with November, comes a loss of time.

November each year, Game publishers everywhere start to publish their big titles, ready for the Christmas period. Lets ignore for a second that with online purchasing, most people don’t need to go out and buy these games in advance now. What this means to us though, is that when November hits, not only do I have my birthday to look forward to, but also a release of big name titles.

This year though, two stick out. Two games that are pretty much going to wreck my sleep cycles, and eat in to my dreams.

The first of these, is Fallout 4. Heres the trailer, I’ll still be here after.

watched it? Good.

When Fallout 3 launched, I hadn’t paid much attention. Sure, I’d been aware of Fallout and Fallout 2, but hadn’t really been paying attention back then, as I was too addicted to Xcom. My brother purchased the Limited edition set for me, as a birthday present, and suddenly I had this game I didn’t know much about, and was a little unsure what to do with. Being a dutiful brother, I loaded up the game, and instantly realised I’d need to be using an HD cable, rather than the composite cable my Xbox had. 15 mins later, HD cable plugged in, I started to play. The game crept up a little on me, and while playing I could see Cal eyeing it.

This was November 2008. Since then, I’ve completed fallout 3 about 4 times. Its follow up, Fallout New Vegas I’ve slacked a little on, and only completed 3 times. In itself, this doesnt sound much. However,  each playthrough probably took me in excess of 40 hours. They’re both big old games. Cal, and my younger son have also put a huge amount into these games too. My son is completely invested in fallout lore also. So when Fallout 4 hits, this house is going to grind to a halt. I was thinking about taking the week off, but that may be a bad idea. Routine is probably needed to ensure the kids get fed.

That said, the second game launching at the same time would kill me. Remember how I said (a few lines up) that I wasn’t that interested in the earlier version of Fallout, because I spent all my time on Xcom? well… three years ago, they relaunched Xcom. It hit just before my Birthday, just as I was due to have an operation to remove my Gall Bladder (It was being a bastard). I played the shit out of it. Initially I played through on the Xbox version. then I purchased the PC version. I’ve just checked. My steam account says I’ve put in 153 hours on that game. Bear in mind I completed it on the xbox first. Since then, I’ve also purchased the Android version, and completed that one several times too. Its the perfect game for a train journey.

Xcom 2 was also due to launch in November. However, I’ve just found out its slipped to Feb 2016. I guess I get to eat in November after all. That said however, I’m still excited as hell at this. I think between the two games, I was more excited for Xcom 2, and this way, I get to spend February locked in a room somewhere, killing aliens.

I mean, how good does that look? I can’t wait!



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