The Bestest of ‘Holidays’

So technically Halloween isn’t a holiday, just a day thats celebrated once a year. However, its still a day I like to celebrate. In fact, I think, presents aside, we probably put as much effort into decorating, and enjoying it as we do Christmas (in my house, at least).

I’ve seen comments on the book of faces that ‘Its an American Holiday, when did it become a big thing over here, and why?” and my answer to that, is “Bollocks”.

As a kid, we celebrated Halloween. In ‘Sunny’ Beckenham (which is technically classed as being both in South East London, and Kent also) as a child, we’d go door to door Trick or Treating. Admittedly we never got a huge haul, but there was enough to rot our teeth, and give us stomach aches. We bobbed for Apples, and played other scary based games. We carved Pumpkins, and made cakes. Generally we had a blast!

As a result, I try to do similar activities with my kids also, though with my boys being teenagers, this is no longer cool. However, this year will see my daughter dressed as a pink power ranger (though they’ll be Go-Kaiger in my head) with me backing her up as the Black Mighty Morphing Power Ranger. My Niece will be dressed as Hermoine, and my Brother as Snape. I’ve yet to find out what my Sister and her Sprogs will be, but she always puts a huge amount of effort into her costumes too.

So sue me 🙂 I always enjoy Halloween, and I love the chance to dress up. I know its not something thats expected of a 40-something year old Pretend-Adult, but its fun, and you can’t stop me!

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