The wonders of technology?

In 2004, I started working for a company that built its business around mobile data.

Mobile data (at the time) encompassed wifi, and GPRS. GPRS was around 35kbps. That was a little slower than dialup speeds (56kbps) but as the mobile internet wasn’t really developed at that point, it was mostly used for sending emails from mobile devices, mostly by business users. The company I worked for provided a service to mobile networks, and wifi providers, helping their customers connect to their data services, and connecting multiple devices together (laptop to phone, to share the phones internet connection). Since then, data speeds on mobiles have increased, firstly to edge (approx. double the speed of gprs) then 3g, then HSDPA, and finally 4g, which is what we’re on now. I don’t know the exact speed of 4G, because I’m currently travelling on a train, and my internet connection is fluctuating wildly.

This brings me to my point though. 11 years ago, I was working for a company who’s focus was having people connected to the internet while on the move. 11 years later, and I’m trying to connect to wifi on the train. The wifi on the train has no internet connection. I switched to wifi on my phone. No cell coverage for half the journey…

You think by now, coverage would be a little better!

<grumbles and goes back to reading his D&D handbooks>


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