Its Officially BiteyMcChomp Month

November is the month of my Birth. Its also that weird month that has the strange acronym to try and get people writing. Nomobogofo or something… (NaNoWriMo to prove I can actually use Google.) However, I’m not spending this month writing a Novel, simply because I’m not ready to do that just now. I will, however, spend every day writing a blog post, just to prove I can do it.

Today, I spent a few hours travelling back from my folks in Poole. For the non-UK residents, Poole is on the south coast of England. Its pretty much slap bang centre of the bottom coast. For the last couple of years, I’ve taken the kids to my parents for Halloween. We’d go out trick or treating around that area, knocking only on doors that had decorations up. Each year, theres been more and more places advertising the fact that they’re joining in. This is great, because it means we no long knock on every house, only the ones that want to take part, and that means less disappointment for the kids.

We started the evening with everyone climbing into their costumes. Adults dressed up as well, and we took a circular route from my sisters house. Half way through, we stopped at Squirrel Park (thats not its real name, just what everyone calls it. Something to do with the abundance of pigeons there maybe?) It was dusk at this point, and the kids got to play spooky hide and seek in the park, then we carried on knocking on doors, and getting sweeties. Once done with our route, we headed back, and started the party games.

Firstly, bobbing for apples. Which each kid excelled at. Then on to dangling donuts. (donuts hanging on string, that the kids needed to eat without using their hands.) Then the “find the gummy worm” (gummy worm, hidden in a plate of cream.) This games actually a joke. They gingerly try to get the worm, and we give them a little push, so their face splats into the cream. After that, we let them loose in the back garden, to run round with torches, while we all grabbed a beer.

It was a lovely evening, but by 9, I could see my daughter flagging. We made our excuses, and headed back to my parents, where she crashed. I, as a grown up, also crashed.  (You can’t tell me what to do!)

It was a lovely weekend, but I’m glad to be home. I’m feeling the need for a hot bath, and some tv-watching.


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