Experience Cinema the way it should be!

That sounds like some kind of advert for a cinema of the future, however its actually what happens when you go to a cinema at 11.30am on a tuesday, during school term time!

Oh, yeah, happy birthday to me! etc.

I’ve wanted to see ‘The Martian’ for some time. I read the book in anticipation, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a post a month or two back about this. With life being as hectic as it is, being a secret agent, airline pilot, rocket ship inventor and all of those other exciting occupations that I don’t actually have, I’ve not yet had the chance to see it. Fortunately its my birthday, so I get to chose, and thats what I chose.

Our town has two cinema’s in. One is attached to the large shopping mall, and the other is at the end of the high street. The Mall one gets a lot of foot traffic, as its surrounded by fast food establishments. The other one, by default, is a lot quieter. This suits me perfectly. When Cal booked the tickets, she said we were sharing it with two other viewers. When she selected the seats, she realised those two viewers were actually the default placement spot for us. A large screen cinema for just the two of us. Just as the film started, another person joined our private viewing. How dare they! I allowed it though, 300 seats is probably enough room for the three of us to share.

One of the things about seeing something you’ve either already seen, or read (and enjoyed) the book of, is that you’re desperate for it to be good, and for the person watching it with you to enjoy it.

I could see that Cal was enjoying it, and it amused me at the end that she’d panicked about the same issue I had (when reading the book) as the film progressed. Was this one of those films where the main character dies, and you’re hearing about it from his diary?

I’m not going to spoil that one. Go read/watch it and find out.

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