Gah, bloody buttons!

A week ago, we bought me a new coat. Its not something we do often, in fact, i think i’ve had 3 new coats in the last ten years. This time, we spent a little more, and got a lovely coat, which is both warm and snuggly.

This morning, while putting it on, I noticed that one of the buttons felt loose. I planned to come home, and re-sew it when I’d done the school run. Because god knows where I’ve put the spare buttons they always provide. While crossing the road, Maia pointed out the button rolling across the road ahead of us, clean under a car.


We were in a hurry, so I couldn’t stop to retrieve it, but I made a note of where the car was, and stopped to look on the way back. Couldn’t see it though 🙁

So now, I’m pulling apart the house, looking for the buttons that came with the coat.

its like finding a specific straw in a haystack

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