Radiation poisoning.

Yeah, so apparently I’m really bad at sticking to a schedule, and that’s something that isn’t a surprise to me.

Today is officially Fallout 4 day. It’s the day the game releases in the UK. We found out last night, that the game launched in Australia before it did here. We found this out through my son, who had sat for hours staring at the activation time on Steam, willing it to go faster. He then searched a few forums, and found that people using a VPN were able to access the game early. Last night he stole our Tunnelbear account just for this reason!

Tunnelbear (for those not in the know) is awesome. Its a VPN client (VPN is Virtual Private Network) which runs on your PC, and effectively pretends that you’re wherever in the world you tell TunnelBear to be.

We use it to watch Dramafever. Dramafever is a world wide site with loads of asian film content, but the US gets the content ahead of the UK, so we pretend to be in the US to access this. Its also a good way to get around youtube regional locks, and now, we also know it can help with Steam!

Still waiting on my Fallout 4 game though, so in the meantime I’m preinstalling using my sons account. Lets hope that works eh!

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