New game smell.

I just started my post with “When I was” again. I think someone should shoot me.

We have a sort-of running joke in my family. Well, between my brother and I. Its around the smell of plastic/freshly printed manuals that you get when you open up a new game for the first time. To be honest, it probably smells exactly like it does every other time you open the box, but to me it smells of New Game.

With the advent of download services like steam, I rarely get discs for new games. Mostly they just magically appear from the internet, and we speak nothing more of this wizardry.

Yesterday Fallout 4 released. I stated that it wasn’t really worth getting the collectors edition, because the Pipboy would be used once, then left on a shelf to gather dust.

Seeing everyone opening their big chunky containers though, I’m starting to think maybe I missed a trick there. Maybe I missed the new game and pipboy smell… instead downloading the game the evening before release and waiting on activation.

A friend mentioned to me yesterday, that the game had had some mixed reviews. He was saying people were accusing it of being a bit tired, and too similar to the last version. To those people, I’ll say this.

Fuck off

There, I’m done 🙂

I love Fallout 4. I’m struggling at the moment, because I know I could spend my entire time setting up my settlement, making sure its perfectly set up, with everything as it should be. I also know I could be out doing side quests, earning xp, and boosting my skills/stats. And I also feel I should be searching for my baby (who was stolen from me whilst I was put into cryo sleep. Seriously, what a bunch of anus’s… Anii? anus’? pooholes!

I’m a bit torn as to what I should do. I’m also a little worried about taking my dog with me everywhere… He’s a bit dumb (as dogs often are) and will happily go charging into danger to protect me. Generally though, the danger hasnt spotted me hidden from view, and Muttface gives me away.

I’m loving the game, but I’m struggling to organise myself enough. So for now, I’ll just salvage this building, oh, and this tree, oh, and this burnt out wreck.

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