Weekly routines

I’ve spent about half of my adult life glued to a PC. It certainly explains my pasty skin. These days though, I try to do more than log in to an MMO for a few hours then sleep.

My week (until a week or so ago) was as follows.

Monday night. Shadowrun group online (Roleplaying)

Tuesday night. (Every other week, D&D at a semi-local pub. I say semi-local, it’d be 20 mins away if I drove, but by bus its easily double that)

Wednesday night. DM a session of D&D with friends/family.

Thursday & Friday. Catch up with the weeks TV.

Saturday & Sunday. Play games with my daughter, play games by myself. Watch any leftover TV from the week.

Now, however, Fallout 4 has launched. This seriously wants to eat into my TV time, and pretty much my sleeping time too. I’m going to have to be careful it doesn’t eat into my everything else time too!


Last night was Wednesday though, and that was roleplaying night. I’m running a campaign with my old group (<Waves> just in case they’re reading) I’ve run campaigns previously, but as I’ve aged, I’ve found my game style has changed. In my old sessions (around 20 years ago!) It was all about having the Players being powerful, wielding powerful artifacts, and beating the snot out of fearsome beasties. Now though, I’m finding its much more fun to grow their power. watch them develop as they level. Enhance their back stories by dragging bits of them screaming into the campaign, and linking them together in ways they hadn’t yet thought of.

This week started the third adventure. The first two were action packed, and pretty much on-rails to get everyone involved and having fun. They fought beasties constantly, and danger was never more that a dagger away. This week though, they started up in the home of a friend of the family of one of the characters. He was sheltering them from another of the noble families, who wanted to see them stand trial for something that wasn’t their fault. The Lady of the house, together with half the servants had done a runner, blaming ghosts in the house. The idea of the mission is for the players to find out what’s going on.

I’ve written pages of notes for this adventure, because I know I’m going to need them. However its not a straight forward one to run, because outside of a few hints, the investigation is down to the players. Its not as simple as “make an investigation roll” because where’s the fun in that?

Some of my planning fell into “use these phrases in conversation, but don’t overuse them”. About half my verbal clues got picked up on, and that made me happy. Currently the players are secretly discussing things behind my back, trying to work out who killed the previous inhabitants. Were they human? vampires? Did the Butler do it™ Its all making me very happy.

So far though, not a single death. Lots of roleplaying, and surprisingly they’ve tried to loot their hosts house. Oh well, I suppose old habits die hard.

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