Critical fail on enjoyment.

I need to have a little rant, and I’m aware that this is probably going to come off as a bit whiny and all-about-me-like but hey, its my blog, shh.

Currently I’m part of three running roleplaying sessions. Monday night is Shadowrun, Tues and Wed is D&D. I play on the Tuesday one, and run the Wednesday one.

This isn’t about the D&D sessions though.

A couple of months ago, we discovered that our group was struggling. We were all combat/magic focused, so we advertised for a hacker. We got one, things carried on fine. We realised we were missing out on someone who could make decent persuasion roles, and advertised for a face/fixer type, and got one. Since then though, every session has been filled with stuff around this player. Entire missions based on this person and the contacts he has that can walk us through missions. The GM loves it, and seems to cater everything towards this. The rest of us? well, we occasionally get to make group edge rolls, just to see if we’re lucky enough.

Its been four sessions now of inactivity for most of the group. literally one role each per session. Last session I spoke out. Explained that this wasn’t at all fun, and could we take missions more catered to everyone else. The GM obviously realised this was wrong, and said she’d change it.

So we took a break midway through a mission. just before combat was about to start. Literally the first combat in weeks, and we were all ready to kick it off.

We get to playing, the face toon makes a roll, almost obliterates the first monster in one hit, and as a result, the GM decides to gloss over the rest of the fight, telling us we beat them easily, and moving on to the next RP encounter.

Bloody hell.

Shadowrun is a new system to me. Its bloody clunky, and most of the rules don’t make much sense. Its very difficult to get advice on rules or expectations, and now we’re being left in the dark, I think its time to drop from this game and find something else to do.

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