Simple things…

You know the saying, Simple things please simple minds.

I think I have the simplest of minds!

Two things have occurred this week, that have caused me more amusement than they should. The second one caused my son to threaten to disown me, as he thought I was trying too hard to be ‘with it’.

I shall explain the first though.

I’m running an investigation mission in D&D for a bit of a change, and its turning out to be hilarious. However, I needed to have on of the NPC’s scream, and to add an authentic air to it, I tried to have the scream play over the audio (we’re rp’ing remotely). I loaded up my favorite scream on my phone (Goat screams ftw) and played it as a test, while on mute. I couldnt hear it, so played it again, checking the volume. Still nothing. Then I spotted bluetooth was connected. Disconnected it, and sure enough, the sound played.
Seconds later, Cal came running in. Telling I needed to check the field out back, as someone might be being attacked…
I had played multiple screams to the bluetooth speaker in the bedroom…


I’m still laughing about that one two days later.

The second thing.

The second half of my D&D group didn’t join in this week, but as they were currently seperated in game also, I offered to run a second session. As its just Cal and my brother, I’m hosting it live, rather than online, and as its during the day, I thought I’d invite the kids to sit in if they wanted to. So I started creating a character for my daughter. Figured barbarian was probably the easiest path to take, and rolled her up a Wolf totem Halfling Barbarian. Struggled for ages with the name, then did what I always do if I can’t think of a name, I looked instead for a pun. I couldn’t reasonable use a pun for my daughters character, unless I perhaps translated it?

Scanning through Google translate, I came up with two options. Japanese (Tsuki) and Malay (Bulan)

Tsuki Bulan was immediately nabbed. My daughter will be playing a Wolf totem Barbarian called Moon moon 😀

Yes, this is far funnier to me than it should be.

Damnit Moon Moon

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