The perils of a fun game.

Fallout 4 has come up once or twice on this blog. I hope I’ve given the impression that I enjoy it.

I checked recently, and I’ve clocked up around 80 hours of gameplay… Thats a lot.

When I first played through Final Fantasy 7, I finished it in 75 hours. At the time, I figured it was the longest time I’d ever spent on a computer game.

For someone who’s not partaken in an open world Bethesda game before, they’re HUGE. The play world taks a very long time to traverse from one side to the other. Everywhere in this world are side quests, interestin locations, and bastard bosses that want to kill you, corrupt you, or eat you. sometimes they want to do all these things.

Because of this, I’ve not followed the main quest properly yet.. I’ve one bits but then Builing safe settlements happened then companion side stories, then. Well, I’m quite high level, and thought I was tough but the game keeps throwing new things my way

I’ve not watched my tv shows in weeks..

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