When I set out to write something, it very rarely ends up being about what I mean to write about.

In my lunch hour today, I thought I’d write a quick bit on Sportsmanship for my youngest. She loves playing games with me, and really hates losing. We play games like “Hey, thats my Fish”, and “King of Tokyo”. She loves both for different reasons. The first, because you’re a penguin on an ever decreasing ice-flow, which when the iceflow vanishes, she likes to pretend the penguin is eaten by an Orca. We have the app to thank for this, as this is exactly what happens on it :). The second (King of Tokyo) she loves because it features giant monsters attacking Tokyo. She loves making the noises, and is actually pretty good at it. When we first started playing, she’d get very upset when she lost, and we would be careful not to win. There were two problems with that though, the first being that its not teaching a good lesson by letting her win every time, and the second problem is… Well, I’m very competitive.

I struggle with losing on purpose, even to a six year old! Sure, I can do it, and quite often do, but my brain doesn’t like it.

So, anyway, I sat down to write something quickly to explain why its ok not to win, and completely the wrong thing came out!

So, here follows Sportmanship.

The importance of of good sportsmanship
Should never be over-looked,
when playing board games with your friends
(its something on which I’m hooked)

But, though winning isnt everything
Through either skill or luck
Theres really no feeling quite like
stitching someone up.

When playing as Commando Ghouls
In ‘Small World’ any where.
I wouldn’t expect them to stop conquest
and plait each others hair.

In Carccassone, when building towns
or roads, or… anything
I really dont expect a knock
and a voice saying “let me in”.

No, instead it is much funnier
to take a town by force
and add a meeple to a nearby town
and join it up of course.

Nothing compares, in Survive- Escape
to adding to someone’s raft
and sailing it to a monsters mouth
then trying not to laugh.

Or adding plus ten in a Munchkin game
to the level of a monsters score
then when the player equals it
adding at least ten more!

I think, perhaps, I may need help.
or to play a co-op game
I still enjoy them just as much
but it isnt quite the same.

In castle panic, I miss the orcs
and can almost hear them call
leave your tower, come join us
as we march towards the wall.

In Pandemic, its not the research
or medic that I find bold.
I’d rather be the virus’s (virii? virus? whatever)
Thats wiping out the world.

But, I digress. Back to sportsmanship.
I’ve taught it to my Horde
So when I win at anything
They will not flip the board!


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